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Bowman Jacket

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The Bowman has always been KOM’s most popular jacket.  It can fill the bill in sub-zero temps but still be worn in fairly mild weather.  And the integral liner really knocks down the wind.

The Bowman is lined with Omnishield, and is midway in warmth and bulk between the unlined Shirt/Jacs (the Bushman Shirt and Trapper Pullover) and the heavyweight Standmaster Jacket System.

The Bowman is a three-quarter length jacket, reaching down to the top of the thigh. 
Designed for versatility, it can be worn over just a light layer, but the generous cut of the shoulders and sleeves enables freedom of movement even when cold turns to COLD and you wear the Bowman over a Trapper or Bushman Shirt/Jac (although some people will need to upsize the Bowman to do this). 

Available in Extra-small only.
The Bowman features:

  • Construction of  26-ounce Omnitherm® wool
  • Vented double-yoke (two layers of wool over the top of the chest, top of the back, and shoulders) 
  • Two No Snag chest pockets 
  • Two convenient hand warmer pockets 
  • Full front, 2-way zipper.  You'll really appreciate being able to unzip the bottom of the jacket when you are sitting.
  • Bottom drawstring and double-snap closure
  • Large, quilted elbow patches
  • Standard collar with a snap closure. The collar can be turned up for added protection around the neck and jaw. The collar also has a button that enables easy attachment of the Alaska Hood
  • Three-quarter length jacket, reaching down to the thighs
  • Omnishield liner throughout the entire Jjacket, including sleeves
  • 2-button cuff closure 
  • Like all of the KOM Jackets, the Bowman is cut LONG

As you might guess from the name, this jacket is extremely popular with bowhunters!

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