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Bearded Viking Axe

Bearded Viking Axe

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Tord Bergelin

Like most other Ancient Axes, the Bearded Viking Axe served both as a weapon and as a tool.  The Vikings would wield this Axe in one hand and a shield in the other. Also used to work wood and as a general camp ax.  This design was popular for centuries.

His new Touchmark says "Thor's forge" in a rare variation of Scandinavian Rune writing tag few can read.

Handle is slightly charded and stained to protect the wood from the eliments.

Comes with traditional leather sheath.

Made to Order by Tord Bergelin's Thor's Forge

Bearded Viking axe specifications:

2.8 LB

19 1/2” long handle

 7” long from poll to bit

Bit is 6” long

Beard is 2 ¼ long from tip to tip

Poll is 1 ½ across.

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