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Khazar-Style Bloom Axe

Khazar-Style Bloom Axe

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Anton Shatov

When we found out what a "Bloom Axe" was, we had to have one!  We asked Anton to make one the Khazar Style because it is a tradtional Axe of his region.

Made from scratch in the ancient and tradional method, this axe is certainly suitble for a museum or wall-piece, but it is a true working axe.

Anton sometimes starts his axe-making at a very basic level with iron ore that he and his friends sourced themselves from the bogs of Ukraine.  Anton refers to an axe made from this very basic starting point a Bloom Axe.

Making an axe in this fashion is a team effort that takes a lot of time and labor. He builds a forge that will only be used once-- it takes several days of preparation for the smelting, and then forging and smelting a bloom ... and all this just to get a square bar from which the axe itself can then be forged!    

Anton does not use power tools other than a modern grinder.

Without a laboratory analysis it is not possible to state the true hardness but Anton estimates a Rockwell hardness of 58-59 and states that the Bloom Axe is made for real work.

Anton makes the handles himself, and offers a choice of three types of wood for the handle: Ash, Acacia and Bog Oak.   Given the use of ore from the bogs, we were hoping for a handle made from Bog Oak for this first piece, but the Bog Oak is very difficult to obtain and will add a lot of expense to the axe, if we can even get it.

Usually Anton makes his own sheaths but the sheath for this Bloom Axe was made by his axe-making partner.

  • Overall length of the Bloom Axe is 28 inches (71 cm)
  • Head of the axe is 6-7/8 inches (17 cm) across at the widest point
  • TCutting Edge measures 2.5 (6 cm) inches from tip to tip
  •  Axe with Handle weighs 1 pound, 11 ounces (756 grams)
  • Leather work and stitching are exceptional, and the sheath is secured to the head by a very interesting wrapped-thong approach

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