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Nomad Chief Axe

Nomad Chief Axe

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Maksym Maksymenko

"Replica of very beautiful battle axes, which were found in territory of Ukraine. This shape of axe head was popular in Moravia, and researchers think that it is " status axe" - weapon of one of nomads chiefs, possibly diplomatic present for one of Slavic nobles.” - Maksym 

  • Interesting design with unusual angles and very unusual poll  
  • Total weight is one pound, nine ounces (708 grams). 
  • Head by itself weighs one pound (453 grams)
  • Head 6 inches (15 cm) across
  • Cutting edge of three inches (7.5 cm) point to point. 
  • Stained ash handle 22 inches (558 cm) long.
  • Forged from 52100 ball-bearing steel.
  • And yes the cutting edge is hardened.

The Nomad Chief can be ordered with a dark-stained or natural handle.  Maksym will make some carvings in the handle, if you like.

The museum specimen that is the inspiration for Maksym’s work is shown below, along with several pics of the Nomad Chief.

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