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Railroader Hat

Railroader Hat

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Designed long ago in Europe, this hat offers two ways to protect your ears. You can fold the regular flaps down from the inside, to seal around your neck in the  manner of traditional ear flaps.   But the Railroader also offers a band that slides down  the outside of the hat to let you cover just as much of your ears as you want.  Often you'll need to cover only the top half of your ears to keep them warm, and a lot of people feel covering the auditory canal will hamper their hearing. 

The Railroader also features a crown that is reversible to blaze orange.

And so the hat offers a lot of possibilities:  outer band up, down, or somewhere in between, inner ear flaps up or down, and crown blaze or camo.   
The bill of the Railroader is rigid, and plenty long enough to keep snow and rain off your face, and to shade your eyes from a low sun.

Hat Sizes

  • Small: 21 1/8 - 21 1/2

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