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Lightning Strike Mini

Lightning Strike Mini

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Darrell Holland’s Lightning Strike is the most effective fire starter of its kind. 

What really sets the Lightning Strike apart from other steel-rod type of fire-starters is the addition of a machined aluminum tubular housing.  The ferro-fire rod sits inside the aluminum tube, and the striker is run against the rod thru a slot in the tube.  The slot guides the striker, and the tube contains and focuses the resulting intense shower of sparks wherever the tube is pointed. 

The Rod is held in place by a set-screw, and can be rotated as needed, and eventually replaced. 

The Striker is attached by a shock cord, and housed inside the tube when not in use. 

At one end of the tube is a secure, sealed compartment holding enough tinder for 10-20 fires.  Additional tinder is available for separate purchase. 

The Lightning Strike Mini is about 6 inches long and very light.

You will find quite a few videos and tremendously positive reviews on Youtube. 

Here is Darrell’s own video: 

And another from PreparedMind101:

Note:  Darrell Holland is a friend of our family and is an Advisor for our sister company, WeatherWool. Darrell is expert in the fields of survival and guns and hunting, and he doesn’t do 2nd rate. That is why we work with him. 

The Lightning Strike might be the most expensive fire-starter in its class, but is an absolute steal in a survival situation.

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