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Woolpower - Now 35-60% OFF!

As we wind down the Woolpower business, we offer great prices on the best thermals!  While supply lasts, so stock up early. We are too busy with our own WeatherWool to do anything else, so we would like to move out all other products.

Swedish Woolpower's claim-to-fame is the Terry-loop Thermals made from Patagonian Merino wool - much finer and with more crimp than those of other sheep. Soft, superior wicking and insulating fabric sewn with minimal seams.  

We have not found any cold-weather base layer that matches Woolpower because of the terry-loop weave. Woolpower mostly sits above your skin, rather than resting flat on the skin ... the terry-loops trap a blanket of air ... and (short of a vacuum) trapped air is what insulation is all about.

The Swedes know cold!

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