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American Made

There isn't anything that isn't American in WeatherWool.  We are fully compliant with the Berry Amendment.   And our phone number ends in 1776 for a reason.

  • Our raw wool comes from ‘American Sheep eating American Grass’, as they say in the US Army.  
  • Our wool is cleaned, spun, dyed, woven and finished in the USA 
  • Our Fabric is cut and sewn into garments in the USA.   
  • All  thread, zippers, buttons, snaps, cuffs, clips, cords, accents and facings are made in the USA.  
  • On file Certificates of Origination that attest to American sourcing.

We are competing on quality, not price, and therefore we must be able to stay close to all phases of production. We are unapologetic flag-wavers.

Production costs are directly related to optimizing quality, not trans-oceanic shipping.

We want to see WeatherWool worn by the Unites States Military, and they will buy only American products. 

Tired of seeing MADE IN CHINA fill our stores?  By buying a product, you are supporting the system that made it.  American-made insures fair labor practices and conscientious environmental stewardship,

Having a bunch of things that are not made well, without a personal connection, fuels a disposable society. It’s not sustainable.

Sometimes, cheap is the expensive way to go. Buy once. Buy right.

We love to see the American Flag on the front porch, and on the stuff that we buy.