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Maksym Maksymenko, Wild Fields Forge, Ukraine

Maksym's pieces are beautiful enough for display, but he stresses that everything he makes is built for real use. He offers a very serious guarantee -- 20 years, if not abused.

"Our forge is near the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine, on the north of the territory.  In medieval times this area was known as "Wild Fields."  In the 10-12th centuries this place was bordered between Kievan Rus and mighty nomad tribes, such as Khazars, Pechenegs, Cumans and others.  In the 13-17th centuries, after the Mongols conquest, this rich and beautiful land became uninhabited because of the constant Slavic wars with nomads.

All our tools are hand forged, without any power tools (except grinding and sharpening). For axes and adzes we use 5160 carbon steel, for knives and chisels - 1095, for hummer - 5140.  All handle are made from premium quality Ash wood." - Maksym

Maksym is truly an artist with a wide repertoire, from Tomahawks to the Barbarian, an extra large double bit axe.  All are beautifully presented in burlap and twine.

Baltoslavic Axes
Large Double Bit Ax -- The Barbarian
Double Bit Ax, XL -- The Bigger Barbarian
Heavy Cruiser Double Bit Axe
Small Double Bit Axe
Nomad Chief Axe
Tomahawk, British Type
Tomahawk, French Type
Tomahawk, Two-Lugged Beard Type
Two-Lugged Beard Axe
Viking Axe