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Paul Krzyszkowski, The Toronto Blacksmith, Canada

Paul Krzyszkowski is an independent Blacksmith who forges heirloom quality tools out of his shop in Toronto, Canada. Paul is creating unique, beautiful, highly functional and long-unavailable tools for niche users and collectors.

As of 2016, Paul is only 19 years old. His pieces will appreciate in value.

Paul wrote us about himself and his work:

I forge, grind, harden, sharpen, hang, and finish every axe myself. I am a sole worker in my business. When someone buys one of my axes they are buying the time and craftsmanship I put into that axe, they are buying a piece of my life.

I use tough medium carbon [4140] steel for our axes, hardened to 55rc ... just soft enough so people can sharpen them themselves with files.

Sheaths not available yet, but I am working toward them with a custom leather maker.

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Toronto Blacksmith is proud to be able to present hand forged tomahawks to its customers. The pattern for the French and British tomahawks by Toronto Blacksmith are based on the designs made and traded by European settlers during the time of the colonization of North America. In day-to-day life, the tomahawk was an essential tool for both Europeans and Native Americans. We're glad to offer customers the opportunity to carry on this tradition.

18th Century Swedish Broad Axe