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Pawel Surdel, Papps Custom Axes & Tomahawks, Poland

"My name is Pawel Surdel, I run Paps Custom Axes & Tomahawks by myself and this is one-man project. I'm based in south Poland, in Central Europe.  I'm 28 years old and I'm forging axes for 6 years now.  I use 1055 carbon steel for axe heads, heat treated in oil. I use various of woods but I like to use hickory most. The heads can be custom made for clients and personalized with etching or with clients initials. I also cooperate with my friend who is making great leather stuff so any more advanced sheaths are possible.

PAPS is my nickname made from first letters of my name and initials - PAweł Surdel gives PAPS. Also, I was always treated as someone older than my biological age so that has also double meaning."

Pawel begins his forging with a power hammer, but switches to hand tools until he finishes the work.  His work is outstanding.