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Tord Bergelin, Thor's Forge

Tord Bergelin is an Artisan Blacksmith working in Höör, Sweden. All pieces offered by Thor's Forge are designed and made by Tord himself. Except for a belt sander, Tord usually does not use any power tools. (He does sometimes use a power hammer to draw out the billet from round stock to make it more square.)

"I make my bearded axes in the traditional way. This takes a lot more time and fuel than the way some others are forging their axes."

The touchmark of Thor's Forge is a vertical arrow.

"It's a T Rune. The T Rune is the Norse god Tyr's Rune. Tyr is the god of war and tamer of the fenris wolf. Tye lost his hand to the fenrisulv when he tried to put an invisible leash on the wolf. Tyr and the fenrisulv kill one another on Ragnarok."

Tord also built his own forge, and has built another after an explosion caused by heating bricks that were not dry enough. Tord was out of commision for a while from injuries. Blacksmithing is no job for the faint of heart.

Tord takes a very fundamental and complete approach to his creations. He tends to do a lot of historical research and design work on each piece before he actually begins to handle the metal.   When he was younger, Tord was a Swedish Champion Freediver. When he retired from competitive diving, he began blacksmithing. The diving is actually part of his forging, tho ... Tord is extremely involved in the very basic aspects of his work, and he has even refined his own iron ore .... after mining it from under water, using scuba gear! (Link to Combat Archaeology Magazine.) Tord and archaeologists are examining an Ancient Viking sword, dating from about the year 900. After they have the sword well characterized, Tord will recreate it.

Video of Thor's Forge making Splitting Axe

Arjeplog Viking Axe, “The Widow’s Tears”
Bearded Viking Axe
Danish Battle Axe
Hunters Axe
Splitting Axe