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Why Woolpower

Woolpower has been manufacturing in Ostersund, Sweden since 1969. Previously a maker of nylon tights, they adapted their machinery to woolens for the Swedish Army. Their tubular machines eliminate seams for comfort and consistant fit.

Merino in Woolpower garments has a thickness of 22 microns. Lower quality, larger diameter wool feels itchy when worn.

The fabric developed by Woolpower is machine washable (up to 140F) and can be tumble dried at medium heat. Ullfrotte is the former name of company, and literally means "terry wool" in Swedish. Their knit has a smooth outside and inward facing terry loops. The crimpy wool fibers, in combination with the terry loops, form a knitwear that is capable of trapping alot of warm insulating air. The more air you keep close to the body, the more heat you retain. Woolpower's Ullfrotte Original is 80% air. The outer layer of fabric is a blend of wool with polyamide and/or polyester for improved wear and washability.

Each garment is sewn by one seamstress from start to finish, who then checks and approves his/her own work. Finally, each seamstress sews in their own nametag.

Woolpower is dedicated to responsible production practices for the environment, the sheep, their workers and their customers. The supply chain is kept as short as possible. Woolpower is certified ISO 14001 for low impact on the environment, as well as OEKO-TEX to standard 100, assuring no hazardous chemicals are in their garments.

Being Swedes, they take "cold" seriously.