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Viking Battle Axe, The Widow's Tears, from Sweden

Arjeplog Viking Axe, "The Widow's Tears"

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Tord Bergelin

A variation of the Viking Bearded Axe.  As Tord explains,

"It's inspired by the Arjeplog find. The axe is from the Viking age in the very northern part of Sweden.  The problem with the Viking age is that there is little or no documention.  The only weapons that have names are those in the Viking sagas and they are fictional, except for some late Viking swords like Ulfberth."

The inscription in ancient Swedish Runes reads, "The Widow's Tears is my name."

These are generally made to order, but we asked Tord to make a couple of extras for us, so we do have this awesome Ax in stock.

Pricing update as of December, 2019.

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