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Gransfors Bruks Axe handle

Axe Handle Replacement

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Ergonomicly shaped to provide steady, comfortable grip.  Gränsfors Bruk’s handle is made from strong and flexible hickory. This increases the life of the handle and thus helps reduce consumption of nature’s resources.

Dried before turning to prevent further shrinkage once the axe head has been set on the handle. One of the most common causes of an axe head coming loose from its handle is that a green, undried handle has been used, which then dries out, shrinks and comes loose.

Replacement handles for following axes.  (Collar guard additonal $10.00)

  • Axe 410 Small Hatchet
  • Axe 413 Hand Hatchet
  • Axe 415 Wildlife Hatchet
  • Axe 418 Hunters Axe
  • Axe 430 Scandinavian Forest Axe
  • Axe 434 American Felling Axe with straight handle
  • Axe 434-2 American Felling Axe, 35 inch
  • Axe 439 with collar Splitting Hatchet
  • Axe 442 with collar Large Splitting Axe
  • Axe 445/450  Long and Large Splitting Axe / Maul

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