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Baltoslavic Shipbuidler's Axe

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Maksym Maksymenko

"Baltoslavic axe is shipbuilders axe. I have interesting story. On the Kievan Rus ships warriors raided Constantinople - the capital of the Byzantine Empire, one of the most famous and powerful medieval state. According to legend, during the campaign in 907 Byzantines closed the entrance to the harbor of Constantinople with heavy chains to ships under the command of Prince (“Knyaz”) Oleg could not attack the city. But Oleg went to the trick, and ordered his warriors to make a wheels for ships, and attacked the city from the land. The Byzantines saw it, scared and surrendered, and Knyaz Oleg in a victory sign nailed his shield on the main gate of Constantinople.” - Maksym

Maksym makes a variety of very similar Baltoslavic Axes.  The Axes made for Shipbuilding had shorter handles, generally, than Axes made for battle.   But in the Ancient Times, people made do as best they could and most men had one Axe that served all purposes.   

“In the ancient times all axes was universal. For battle warriors used more light axes, with head weight up to 500-550 gramms. Historian and archeologists told, that at our territory axes were the most popular tool and weapon. Every man carried an axe everywhere! So, the difference between battle axe and working was only in a weight!” 

  • Heads weighs about 25 ounces (700 grams)
  • Total weight is about 2 pounds even (906 grams)
  •  Heads measure about 6 inches (15 cm) across and 5.5 inches (14 cm) point to point.   
  • The ash handles are about 19 inches (48 cm) long, stained or left natural.  
  • Maksym will be glad to carve the handle if you like. 

The Axes come with a beautiful leather sheath, also made by Maksym.


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