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Bushman Shirt

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This is a really great shirt, and we sold more of these than any other item from King of the Mountain. On the other hand, tho, we don't have many Bushman Shirts left, and it is nowhere near the quality of our own WeatherWool ShirtJac.

If you've been thinking about some King of the Mountain, we recommend you get yourself a Bushman.   Here are the sizes we have left:

  • Extra Small:  Blowdown only
  • Small:  Autumn and Blowdown
  • Medium:  Blowdown only
  • Medium Tall:  Autumn Brown and Blowdown

Talls have sleeves 1” longer than regular and tails 2” longer.

 The double yoke (extra layer of wool) extends over the front pockets as can be seen in the picture at left.   Also, under the back collar is a button that attaches the Alaska Hood.

Please visit us at Our family’s own pure-American woolens outperform any other all-around outerwear.