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Double Bit Working Axe, Conan (THE BIGGEST YET)

Double Bit Working Axe, Conan (THE BIGGEST YET)

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Maksym Maksymenko

"The Biggest Barbarian Yet, we call CONAN"

Maksym really likes to make The Barbarian, and when a customer asked for a Bigger Barbarian, Maksym was all for it.  So this Bigger Barbarian was a piece originally made by special request.   Maksym also offers a Small Double Bit and the Heavy Cruiser Double Bit.

The Bigger Barbarian is, like everything Maksym makes, a working Ax.   The head is bigger and heavier than the original Barbarian, with a thicker profile than the original Barbarian.

  • Cutting edges are 7 inches from point to point
  • Overall weight is 9 pounds 14 ounces
  • Overall length is 38 inches
  • The eye is 1 1/2" thick
  • Handle is 3 1/4" thick up top and palm swell is 3 1/2" across

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