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Franziska Throwing Axe

Franziska Throwing Axe

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Maksym Maksymenko


Remake of the classic Franziska Axe.

Francisca is ancient axe designed for both hunting and battle.

Francisca was commonly used from 500 - 750 AD. Used by the Franks and later the Germans, Burgunds, Lombards and the Goths as well.

Most commonly it was used for close combat.

It is clear that this axe was meant to be thrown.  "The obtuse angle between head and haft made it easier to throw, and put less strain on the socket when the axe hits its target."

 At a 4 to 5 meter distance, the axe will rotate 1 time. At 8 to 9 meters it will need 2 rotations to hit the target. and at 12 to 13 meters it will need to rotate 3 times to hit its mark.

  • Franziska total weight is 8 kg (1.8 Pounds).
  • Handle (including)  Handle 49 cm (19”)
  • Blade 10 cm (3.9") 

The Axes come with a beautiful leather sheath, also made by Maksym.

 Axe is ready to ship right now with just 2 in stock -- (5th of May, 2020).

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