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Goliath Double-Bit Axe

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Maksym Maksymenko

 "Goliath" because it is so large and imposing.

This Axe was made by commission for a friend who really loves to swing a large, heavy axe. Joe and Maksym worked up this design and the exact specifications over a period of a couple of weeks. They exchanged design drawings, measurements, considered different types of steel, the weather conditions under which the axe would be used, the types of trees and the condition of the wood that would be chopped.   By the end of all the deliberations our friend was thinking it would be really great to start his own forge!   Maksym's reply was “That's how I got started!”  (Also sounds very like how our family got started making WeatherWool!)

  • Head Width:  10.6 inches (27 cm) across
  • Head Weight:  6 pounds (2750 grams)
  • Handle Length:  36 inches (91 cm)
  • Head Composition:  60c2a Steel
  • Handle Composition:  Maksym carved the handle from local Ash Wood (as usual)
  • Handle Configuration: Straight.  Width is tapered toward the grip, with a very significant grip-knob.  Handle symmetry enables use of either axe head.


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