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Ragnar's Axe

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Dan Pecnik

Ragnar's Axes are patterned on the axes used by the semi-mythical King Ragnar of the 9th Century Vikings.   This piece is prettier in real life than the pictures show; also very, very sharp!  These axes are beautiful, but made to be used, as is everything Dan produces.

They are forged from a solid piece of 1055 steel.  After rough forging, the axes are ground to shape, then annealled to relieve whatever stresses may have built up during the forging.   The annealing process involves quenching in oil and two cycles of tempering at a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius, which aligns the crystals in the steel to make it strong and durable.         

The walnut handles are harvested locally by Dan himself, then hand carved, stained and fitted by Dan, then wrapped in genuine leather.   Dan's friend is teaching him how to do the leather

Not pictured here is a blade cover that Dan also made.   He sent the cover only because I insisted on it for safety. Dan's viewpoint is that the Vikings carried their axes on their belts, without covering the blade at all, and he really didn't want to deviate from the historical style.

Also comes with sheath.

 Here are the specifations:

  • Overall length 22.5”
  • blade length 4,7”
  • weight 800-900 grams
  • length of the head from blade edge to poll 5,3”

(Will be back in stock come March 15th, 2020).

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