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Splitting Axe

Splitting Axe

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Tord Bergelin

This was the first piece we received from Tord Bergelin and Thor's Forge ... A Splitting Ax with Hammer Poll.  We like his work a lot and we have gotten more since then!

Tord wrote me that he designed this Splitting Ax when he cut down some trees for firewood and of course wanted to use a Splitter designed and built by himself, for himself!   Tord added the collar at our request.   In Sweden splitters do not usually have collars but it seems that American firewood does not split as cleanly.

The description that follows is directly from Tord.   Please keep in mind he is Swedish and somehow his English is still great.  One of my best old friends is from Sweden and the only Swedish word I ever learned is GLOGG (a good word to know!).

"The splitting axe is made all by hand by me and my striker.  The only machine involved is a beltsander.   It's made of one piece of c45 steel. This steel is very tough and I use it mostly for hammers.  I thought that it's better with toughness than a hard edge when hitting metal wedges with the hammer.  I could insert a higher carbon bit for better sharpness but there is no point with a splitting axe.  This is fitted with a hand made ashwood handle by me." -- Tord

 Sheath included.

Hammer Axe specifications:

5.4 LB with handle

35” long

The axe head is 7” long from Hammer to bit

Bit is 3 1/2” high

2 ¼ high at eye

2” across at hammer

Axe is 2” thick at eye

Collar is 5” long


Made to Order

Click here for a video of Tord working on the eye of the Splitting Ax.

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